The Allison Family



A family band from Central Oregon. They play a blend of music styles, including Folk, Celtic, Traditional American Fiddle, Bluegrass Gospel, Country, and Progressive Contemporary. In the past year, the children were awarded 42 top five finishes in state and regional fiddle contests. They recently released their second CD, Wonderfully Made


Rex (Dad) was a self proclaimed hopeless cause when it came to music, but when we started the band, he was the only one tall enough to play the bass. He was drafted and now he does a pretty good job. He is living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Dawn (Mom) She can pretty much do anything we need her to, whether it’s playing guitar, piano, or helping work out a harmony. She’s amazing, she got dad to play the bass. She encourages us kids, and coordinates our schedules, which is no small task!








Hannah (17) plays fiddle, piano, and sings. She is a two time competitor at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C. In addition to our song arranger/delegator, she’s also our Friday night pizza baker. She’s a top five finisher at the State fiddle contest, and She (with Lauren) also placed 11th at the National old time fiddlers contest in Weiser ID in the twin fiddle division.










Ethan (14) plays cello and guitar. When Ethan puts his mind to something, he will diligently work to reach his goal. He is a state chess champion, in addition to chess and music, he has been a russian dancer and Fritz in The Nutcracker ballet for four years, and enjoys carpentry, target shooting, and his annual Beavers game and apple picking with Dad and the boys in October.










Trevor (13) plays mandolin and fiddle. He’s easy going and has a great sense of humor. He is a top five finisher in the Oregon State Fiddle Contest. He has also participated in The Nutcracker Ballet for three years and has been Fritz and a Russian Dancer. He enjoys helping in the garden, swimming in the pond, and anything outside.










Lauren (11) is the current Idaho State Open Old Time Fiddle PeeWee champion! She likes to draw, catch snails in the pond, dress up Sarah Kathryn, and dance. She’s been in the Nutcracker for 4 years. She plays fiddle and sings in the band.







Abigail Grace (10) Loves music, especially opera. She is happiest when we are playing music together as a family. She plays maraca, has a great sense of rhythm!










Luke (8) Likes swimming in the pond, catching frogs and playing outside. He has a loving heart, and well….. He’s just a happy kid! He always steals the show with his infectious smile, and when he gets out his little fiddle, and starts playing, the iPhones appear.



Sarah Kathryn (6) She makes everyone smile. When not “playing her fiddle” with the family, she can be found giving hugs, and dancing while we practice. We’ve all learned how to get a hug without missing a beat :)